Winter favourites, every year.

There's really only one thing I like about Winter, and that's getting dressed in some layers. The cold, well that's a different story. 

I find myself falling for the same Winter staple pieces every year - is it the same for you guys? Here's a roundup of basically the same styles on rotation in my wardrobe this Winter and why I love them so much.





Faux fur is my absolute favourite for Winter. There's just something so special about throwing on a faux fur jacket with something simple, like a pair of black jeans or a black denim skirt, and having your outfit epically elevated with minimal effort. Faux fur is even good for places where you experience a mild Winter (like here in Australia!) where for the most part, you can get away with bare legs. Bare legs and faux fur are my fave combo for Winter - hands down!


It may come as a huge shock for you all (lolz) - but black boots are my ultimate in shoe choices for the Winter season (actually, all year round I think). A friend looked at my 'shoedrobe' the other day and simply said - "You have a ridiculous amount of boots ...". Well, when you're onto a good thing, right?! Flat boots, ankle boots, boots with a tiny heel, heeled boots, knee high boots, a random coloured boot. The needs list is endless! Hehe. But in all seriousness - a black boot is the best thing to just pull from your wardrobe and match back with every Winter outfit. Also a cool way to 'edge' up a Winter party dress, too, for all of us who hate heels. My favourite boots in my collection are my splurge boots from Toga Pulla which have just come back into stock after the LONGEST time being sold out (RUN!!!). My other trusty favourites are these ones from Senso, and these perfectly ankle-fitted Jo Mercer pebbled boots.


Leather jackets have been another long-term love of mine, so much so that last season I seriously invested into my ACNE leather jacket and I don't think I've made a better wardrobe decision ever! It is the best thing I've ever worn! For a similar and way more affordable option (yes please!) - Madewell do this beautiful leather jacket in a similar style, and there's also this fab priced baby from ASOS! Classic style leather jackets are something that will stay in your wardrobe foreverrrrr, and are such an easy piece to throw on with the usual Winter suspects and of course, is also perfect for the in-between seasons too. Something I can take from Winter to Winter? Count me in!


I'm that girl who always goes for the bare leg option on a Winter day whenever it's possible. Actually, most days you'll catch me bare-legged because I don't really have a place in my life for jeans, hehe. This has then left a special spot in my heart for long sleeve dresses! Not only do they make me seem a little more sane on a cold Winter days, but I think long sleeve dresses are just so chic. Some of my current long-sleeve dress faves are this gorgeous number from Magali Pascal, this killer red babe from Keepsake, and  this black everyday staple


How good are oversized blazers?! I've found that this Winter, I've been reaching for my oversized blazers in lieu of a coat (yep, can thank a mild Winter for that!). I've always been a big fan of oversized items instead of fitted options, so I think these pieces just fit nicely into my style. Some of my favourite oversized blazers this Winter have been the more simple black options, but also checkered blazers in both earthy, brown tones and also the classic greys, and something with a bit more of a bite - like this gorgeous neutral blush coloured one from Anine Bing!

What are your Winter style essentials? 


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