If you're looking for an escape to paradise, look no further than The Santai, Bali.

It feels like a lifetime ago I was swimming in our private pool, relaxing in our beautiful 2-bedroom Villa and exploring the incredible grounds of The Santai, Bali with Lifestyle Retreats. It wasn't, but that's how it feels! Maybe that's the universe telling me I need to go back immediately, hehe

On my recent trip I was lucky enough to explore a few different parts of Bali, staying at The Samata in the gorgeous seclusion of Sanur and also The IZE in the hustle and bustle of Seminyak. For our final few days, we shipped on over to the lesser known location of the Umalas, shacking up in an incredible 2 bedroom Villa at The Santai. It was absolutely love at first sight; from the vibrant green vine covered concrete walls, to the extensive maze-like grounds of the resort. The Santai quickly became my favourite place I've stayed at on the island paradise.


Here's why!



The Location

Before heading to Bali on this week-long adventure, I had actually never heard of the Umalas area in Bali and neither had anyone I mentioned it to. Little did we know we were missing out by not knowing, big time! The perfect spot and most incredible surroundings, what can only be described as an unknown paradise. The Umalas are located about a 10 minute drive (yep only 10 minutes!) from the centre of Seminyak, however offers something quite different to that of Seminyak. Instead of all the crazy scooters, mountains of people and crazy hustle and bustle Seminyak is known for, the Umalas are surrounded by green fields, long winding quiet roads, and entirely peaceful surroundings. The Umalas are the perfect in between location for those wanting to be in the 'thick of things' like Seminyak offers, but also looking for somewhere peaceful to relax on their vacation.




I have never walked through a more beautiful hotel resort location in my life. Just look at these vine covered concrete walls and the epic staircase entry! The Santai is an absolute paradise everywhere you look, not to mention inside your secluded, private villa. It's a bloggers dream (hehe) and everything your hotel in Bali should be. If we weren't spending all of our time inside our giant Villa or hanging out in the pool, we found ourselves walking around the grounds, taking in the perfect surroundings. Can you blame us?



The Accommodation Options

I think my favourite part about The Santai was the exclusivity the Resort grounds gave you. The Santai consists only of Villas, spread out across the enormous location so they are secluded enough to feel like you're in your own little world. There are 11 Villas on the complex, each as either a 2 or 3 bedroom, making it perfect for family vacations or adventures with a few friends. It's the sort of place you won't want to leave your entire stay. Trust me!



As soon as we stepped foot inside the winding entrance to our private 2 bedroom Villa at The Santai we looked at each other grinning from ear-to-ear. This place was amazing. Separated by the private pool, our two bedroom Villa had not only separate, extremely large bedrooms on either side of the complex, but a living area that could be converted to 'outdoors', kitchen, communal outdoor area and wait for it - an outdoor bathroom. Yep, an outdoor bathroom, but more on that later! I'm almost positive that our Villa at The Santai was bigger than our house back in Australia (and much more exciting, mind you!). We even got the chance to experience a traditional Balinese cooking class inside our Villa which was so much fun and the food was to die for. There was also an in-room massage service ... need I say more?!



OUR Private Pool

What's better than your own, private, big pool inclusive of pool toys and floaties?

Nothing! Nothing I tell you!

Seriously - could this place get any better? We ate breakfast in the pool, we spent afternoons in the pool, we dived out of our bedroom into the pool. On hot Bali days, there is nothing better than arriving back in your Villa and just being able to swim in the relaxed privacy of your own little home away from home. I can just imagine taking over a 3 bedroom Villa with my best friends and having the pool as the communal area. So cool!




Showering outside in a tropical location has always been on my bucket list and at The Santai, I was able to tick it off! Heck, the entire bathroom was outside. So, so cool. Not going to lie, showering and taking a rose petal bath outside in the heat, surrounded by greenery and peacefulness was probably one of the coolest experiences of my life so far. 11/10 would recommend, hehe.



So not only does this conclude my Bali round up (and also makes me want to go back as soon as possible!), but it also gives you a little insight into my favourite place to stay in Bali. So what are you waiting for?! You know where you need to be.


Thanks to The Santai and Lifestyle Retreats for having us in paradise!