While a relaxing holiday is one of my favourite parts about visiting Bali, there's also the hustle and bustle which I like too ...


Which brings me to The IZE in Seminyak, the funkiest and coolest hotel I've stayed at in Bali and one that I'll definitely be coming back to (I mean, my room opened up into the pool!)

After our relaxing stay in paradise at The Samata with Lifestyle Retreats (if you haven't yet seen the photos - run, don't walk!), it was off to Seminyak for a bit more of the hustle and bustle of Bali that I have come to love. The best part of arriving in Seminyak was seeing my boyfriend's reaction to the chaos - his first time in Bali was definitely opening his eyes to a lot of new things, that's for sure! My first reaction to The IZE was that it was just cool. From the concrete interior, the blue hues, sky high ceilings, rooftop bar and in-room pool (more on this later!), I knew that this was going to be a fun stay in Seminyak!

So if you're heading on a Bali trip and are looking to stay in the thick of things in Seminyak - let me tell (and show!) you why you should put The IZE Seminyak at the top of your list!



1. The Deluxe Pool Room

I think once in their life, everyone needs the ability to walk straight out of their loungeroom and into a pool, and the IZE Seminyak makes that a reality! The Deluxe Pool Rooms are equipped with not only an amazing glass bathroom, King bed and lounge area, but the doors of the loungeroom open up into a private pool. Yup - just casually the ability to open the door and go for a swim (!!!) On a hot, humid day, the convenience is second to none! It's also not a bad location for an afternoon in-room drink or breakfast .. hehe.



2. The Rooftop SUMMER Bar!

I'm a total sucker for a rooftop pool and bar area - who wants to sit on the ground floor when you can take in an amazing view while enjoying an in-pool cocktail?! The rooftop bar at The IZE is the epitome of summer, white wood, day bed, infinity pool and a magical view. It was hard to leave this spot to explore, and if I could have transported this bar home to Australia I would have done so. So damn cool!




If you've decided to stay in Seminyak, it's because you want to be amongst the hustle and bustle and I don't blame you, Seminyak is awesome. But to make the most of your stay, you're going to want to stay in the best part of town. Located on JL Kayu Aya (or the more known Oberoi Road), The IZE is located, quite literally, in the absolute heart of Seminyak, surrounded by the most popular (and best!) shopping spots, markets, stores, restaurants and cafes! If you're looking for central - you found it! My picks of surrounding restaurants and bars? Mama San, Motel Mexicola, Potato Head, La Favela, Char Char Bar, and Sisterfields! 



As soon as I walked into my Deluxe Pool Room I felt like I was transported to an underwater oasis, with the beautiful blue and wooden hues, stone bathroom walls, and as mentioned, the lounge room that entered straight into the pool! I actually felt like I was in a little pod underwater! My parents who were staying in Bali at the same time (and conveniently in a hotel next door) popped in for a visit and were instantly jealous they weren't staying there too. Suckers!



5. The Hospitality (+ THE BUFFET BREAKFAST)

I'm a big fan of food, so any hotel that offers a gourmet breakfast gets a big tick of approval from me! Not only does The IZE offer a buffet breakfast with quite literally, everything you could want to eat and more, but also an additional set menu to order from with even more goodies! I have to also give a special shout out to the Hotel staff for being super accommodating, down to earth, chilled out and helpful throughout my stay too. 



One of my favourite things about Bali is that everything is different, and everything is beautiful. The best place to realise that is from a rooftop - and The IZE gives you a 360 degree view of Seminyak and surrounding areas and it is breathtaking. So much culture in the architecture and serenity from up above. The best part? The rooftop is equipped with an infinity pool which means you can take in the view right from the edge of the roof. With a cocktail, of course!


So if you're heading to Bali soon and want to be in the thick of things in Seminyak, I can only say you will not be disappointed staying at The IZE! Seminyak's coolest vibing hotel with a location second to none!


Thanks to Lifestyle Retreats and IZE Seminyak for welcoming me - you made our stay in Seminyak AMAZING!


Ash x

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