Gone are the days of carrying everything and the kitchen sink in your handbag: small bags are in and are here to stay!

So I've been sporting the small bag for a while now. After realising all I needed to carry with me was basically a few of the essentials, I decided that there was no need to lug around gigantic bags. Pros: My shoulders don't hurt, I'm not fishing around my bag for that lipstick that's always at the bottom and my bag doesn't fill up with receipts and other pointless things I tend to collect. Cons: When I do use a bigger bag I can never fill it and it's a slippery slope to small-bag addiction. Trust me!


First up, my FURLA Mini Metropolis, aka probably my most used small bag! From it's box shape, chain strap and cute click fastening, this bag is the perfect classic that quite literally goes with every outfit! The Mini Metropolis comfortably holds my phone, a card holder, lipstick, pair of sunglasses and a little pouch of jewellery. Couldn't recommend this guy more! If you are after something a bit different from black, it comes in this epic glitter version, and even this printed version here! Too cool, can I get it in every colour?!


Now for the little ZAC POSEN baby - a little bit more casual but looks killer with anything from a dressy two-piece suit, to denim and sneakers. This one is the newest addition to my collection and fast becoming a favourite. If you haven't yet stumbled upon ZAC POSEN's handbag range, I recommend checking them out - super affordable too! How cute is this pearl beaded version of the bag?!



For a more evening occasion or to add a bit of an 'edgy' vibe to your outfit, you can't go past the YSL 'Blogger Bag' (what a name!). While a little bit on the smaller side of the small bag category, you can still fit a card holder, lipstick, a few makeup essentials etc. In terms of phones, I can't get my iPhone 7 Plus in there (but can carry it in the outside compartment!), but my iPhone 6 fit in there comfortably. So it's definitely on the smaller side, but still a practical number. If you're after something super small, the les petits joueurs bags have captivated me - SO CUTE!



What are your thoughts on the "small bag"? Love or hate? Let me know if there's a small bag you're lusting over, I'm always on the hunt for more dreamy bags to add to my lust list! Surprising Ashleigh ... hehe.




WEARING 1 | Shona Joy 'Etienne' Playsuit (dress version here!) / FURLA Mini Metropolis / Billini Heels

WEARING 2 | Zimmermann Cami / Hello Parry Skirt / Windsor Smith Sneakers (similar here!) / ZAC Posen Bag

WEARING 3 | Topshop Suit-Set / ZAC Posen Bag / Kendall & Kylie 'Gloria Shoes'

WEARING 4 | May the Label Dress / YSL 'Blogger Bag' / Kendall & Kylie 'Gloria' Shoes

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