Just kidding, hehe.


The question I get asked the most on Instagram is, by far -

"What are your hair secrets?!"

So, I thought it was about time I put it all together in a blog post and at the same time, give credit where credit is due (ie: none to me, and all to my hairdresser, the hair products and styling tools I use!)

Firstly, I recognise that I'm totally #blessed to have thick hair (and a lot of it!). When I was younger this fact was, quite literally the worst thing to ever happen to me - my hair was a frizzy mess, out of control and it just wasn't a whole lot of fun dealing with it pre-popularity of straighteners. A hot mess, would be the most accurate description. But - once I learnt how to tame it and I got older, my opinion on my hair completely changed. I love my hair now and couldn't be happier to have all of it, and how thick it is too!

So, without further ado ...

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I can't stress how important this is for your hair and how important I found it to be as part of my haircare journey. Finding my current hairdresser was the best thing that has ever, ever happened to my hair! While it took me a good 21 years to find her, hunting down and investing in someone really good is the best thing you can do. Someone who really knows what they are doing, knows your hair and what works for it.

While I know this one is obviously location specific, it's so worth doing your research to find someone who is going to treat your hair the best it can be! For those reading this and is located in Perth, my hairdresser is Taliya from Harper Hair and Tan in Subiaco and I couldn't ever imagine anyone else being more incredible than she is with my hair! Since we first met 7 years ago, I haven't let anyone else touch my locks (inclusive of 2 years living overseas where I would only get my hair done when I came home, haha!). No one else in my hair lifetime experience has treated it to this level of skill and care. Harper Hair are also the ones responsible for these killer waves, and the skills passed along to me when I attempt to do a semi-decent comparable job at home, too.

My point is, my number one haircare secret is my hairdresser. The good ones are elusive but amazing and worth finding!



My second hair secret is definitely the products I use on my hair. All my current products come on the recommendation of Harper Hair after using them in the salon over some time, and, after seeing the results, I am definitely on team splurge on salon haircare products. My current favourites are the Wella Professionals Fusion Range. The Fusion Shampoo and Conditioner are my regular hair washing products, with the Wellaplex treatment coming into the mix once a week. When it comes to styling products and other treatments, I can't go past Evo Hair (I've been a long term fan of literally their entire range!). If I had to recommend some to you guys (trust me, this is hard to select only a few!), I'd definitely give take the 'Great Hydrator Moisture Mask', 'Love Touch Shine Spray' and 'Easy Tiger Straightening Balm' for a spin! 

Good products make a world of difference to your hair health, and it's definitely worth the extra dollars.


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Okay, so the question I get asked the most is how on earth I get these waves! While the ones in these images were created by the amazing Harper Hair babes, I've somehow managed to get my head around creating something similar myself! 

Cloud Nine

First of all, get your hands on some amazing hair styling tools. My weapons of choice for the last few years (and there will be no turning back!) are the Cloud Nine 'Wide Iron' Hair Straightener, the Cloud Nine 'Waving Wand' and the Parlux Hairdryer (comparable to the Dyson but a smidgen of the price tag - sweet!).  A combination of these bad boys has my hair looking tip top whether I'm deciding to wear it straight or wavy.  Harper Hair and I actually put together this video last year on how to wave using a Cloud Nine Hair Straightener which I watch religiously to get the knack of how to use a straightener to get waves! I do find that the Cloud Nine Waving Wand is equally as good to achieve the desired waves if you can't quite get the hang of waving with a straightener (like me!)


Who else is guilty of going years without visiting a hairdresser?! Pre-finding Harper Hair I was way too scared to step foot in a hairdresser for fear that they would absolutely ruin mine. Trust issues, amiright?! While this definitely goes hand in hand with finding a hairdresser who knows your hair and what you're after, it's also important to make your hair a priority. Regular trims, hair treatments and just general TLC does do wonders to your hair health. So once you find someone you trust, go visit them regularly! You won't regret it.


Live a little when it comes to your hair style, or hair colour! I'm sure we've all been there when we were younger - I mean, I've done the bleached blonde streaks in dark brown hair, and also chopped all my hair off - and you know what, it was FUN!  But also make sure you know your limits. While I wish I could be a lot blonder than I am currently, I also don't want to fry my hair - so I'll keep playing around with blonde but know how far I can take it! Have fun but don't go too crazy, it's the key to healthy hair that makes you feel good!


What are your hair secrets?! Fill me in on the best ones, hehe.


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