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You all well and truly know by now that I most certainly have a thing for shoes! While I’m always (oops!) adding new pairs to my collection, it is only recently that I’ve made the foray into designer shoes and let’s just say, much to the dismay of my bank account, that there’s no turning back now!

While I am, of course, not exclusively a designer shoe gal (my bank account and fiancé may have a thing or two to say about that!), I have most definitely learnt the value in a designer shoe – firstly from a quality perspective, and secondly from a style perspective.

There are some designer shoes you cannot go past; the ‘it’ shoe that you’re seeing everywhere, the classic shoe that will always be in style, and the shoe you know you will get so much wear out of that the cost-per-wear ratio starts getting into the negatives. Being so well made and of such a premium quality, you also know designer shoes are just going to last you forever – and now that’s something worth investing in.

Queue my newest shoe arrival all the way from Selfridges - my Valentino Rockstud heels!

These Valentino shoes have been on my wishlist for what seems like forever. I mean, if you were to think of an elegant, classy shoe that also has an edge to them – pretty sure this is the shoe that would pop into your mind almost immediately!

Now that it’s the party and festive season, I’ve been searching for some special pieces to elevate my outfits and it wasn’t until I jumped onto Selfridges in search of some Christmas presents, that I just knew the Valentino Rockstuds would be that piece I was looking for to elevate any outfit. The only problem I had was that Selfridges have every variation of the shoes possible (good problem to have?!), so the decision of which pair to get became quite the difficult one! Shock horror – I went for the black-on-black patent – and I am already obsessed and so happy that I’ve added this classic but edgy shoe to my collection.

I am most definitely going to be rocking these (get it!) all through the silly season with outfits like pant suits, LBD’s, silk midi skirts and leather pants.

Is there a special designer shoe that is high on your Wish List, or that you’ve been lusting after for a while?

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