Stylish, comfortable and toasty warm? Yes, you can totally have all three! 

What is probably the most sought after type of jacket this season - cool in every single colour of the rainbow, it's the perfect jacket to get more than one of. This black baby is from Topshop, but there are so many others that I have high on my wish list!

Another trend I am loving this season is t-shirts under slip dresses, and just slip dresses in general. Such a cool way to "casual" up what could be a dressier outfit if left on it's own.

WEARING | Topshop T-shirt, Topshop Slip Dress, Topshop MA1 Bomber Jacket, Adidas Sneakers, Givenchy Mini Antigona

Shop some of my favourite bomber jackets, slip dresses and A+ white t-shirts below: