While I'm 150% head over heels still in love with my little Givenchy baby, I've been doing a bit of bag recon in my spare time.  I rarely trawl the internet for other accessories like shoes or jewellery, but when it comes to bags, I'm obsessed with looking at what's available and creating a list of my must haves! Yes, I know, I'm very weird.

There's something justifiable about a bag purchase, whether it be low or high end; maybe it's the amazing cost-per-wear ratio, or just because they have the ability to create magic with any outfit. Whatever it is, my wish list is growing exponentially as every day I find something else I am lusting after. 

So in line with that, I decided to make my "internet dreaming" somewhat productive and compile a list of 10 bags currently on my radar. Want to know the BEST part? Some of them are even currently 25% off with Shopbop's 25% OFF SITEWIDE (say what!!!) offer! Run don't walk, it ends tomorrow and there's so much more than just bags I have going on with my wish list, trust me!  

Without further heart eyed ramble from me, let me bring you the items that are getting dangerously close to checking out of my cart.