All the pieces high on my Spring hit-list!


Lets be real, blazers are always on my hit list! As Spring approaches - it’s basically a necessity to have an array of blazers in your wardrobe to fill that I don’t-need-a-coat-but-still-need-to-wear-a-jacket space. As blazers are such a wardrobe staple, you can’t go wrong injecting some new pieces into your wardrobe for the Spring season, especially if you opt for more monochromatic colours, or neutrals such as tan or light nude. Spring also means its the time to whip out the linen pieces - with linen blazers being such a good option for days where you only need something light. It’s also a killer option to throw over casual dresses to dress them up a little bit.



While boots are my absolute one true love, I’m always keen to get my footsies into a pair of sandals come Spring time! It’s like, a symbol of the warm weather arriving. Know what I mean? Regardless, these are a few of the dainty babes I’m spying at the moment, and I’m obsessed with how well they go with everything from jeans to cute summer dresses. It’s also important to get some in both flat and heeled versions so that we’re pretty much covered for every occasion that is thrown my way this Spring!



I am a longtime co-ord fan and I think my love has been reignited to a new level this Spring. There’s just something so simple, easy, and put together about a good matching set! They are such great transitional pieces too - with a blazer and skirt combination taking you from warmer days to cooler nights with ease. This Spring I think I’ll be having a bit of fun with co-ords, maybe teaming matching blazer and dress combinations, some cool monochromatic prints, and maybe, just maybe a pop of pink!



Be still my beating heart! Statement sleeves have always been a big love of mine. They were actually one of the requirements for my engagement party dress that I managed to successfully fulfil - hehe! I think Spring is the best time to get a little bit adventurous with our sleeve situation, everyone is excited and basically living for the warm weather! It’s fun to play around with different fabrics for the statement sleeved trend, as well as different cuts. I think the staple statement sleeve options would have to be a puffy sleeve white blouse, organza shirt, shoulder puffs and of course, something asymmetric.



I recently acquired my first pair of cargo pants (well, first pair since my early teens!) and I’m very much now into the utility trend that is going around at the moment. I’ve got my eye on acquiring a military-style boiler suit in the near future, too, as well as some more pairs of combat boots and cropped utility jackets! Oh, and I know I rarely wear colour, but I’m definitely vibing tans and khakis this season!



No surprises here, but graphic tees are not going anywhere and are still on the Spring staple hit list! Whilst my graphic tee collection has most definitely exploded (I blame you, Anine Bing), there’s going to always be a never ending wish list when it comes to these bad boys.



By now I’m sure you’ve seen everybody wearing clips in their hair and for good reason - they are so cute! I’ve definitely been loving the easy hair accessory. If you’re yet to add these to your hair style routine, then you must jump on board! You can basically find anything to slide into your hair; pearls, leopard print, words, glitter, the list is endless. One of my other favourite new hair trends is the headband (bottom right), that instantly elevates a look. And while we are talking about hair accessories, I can’t go past the wide brim hat - my favourite!



The mini backpack trend is most definitely one of my favourite trends at the moment. I recently picked up a mini black backpack of my own and I am well and truly into it. Not only is it convenient, but it feels SO nice to carry everything in a backpack as opposed to a handbag! I’m now on the hunt for one in every colour I can think off. Gotta make a collection of it, right?!


What are some Spring pieces you are eyeing off, or trends that you are loving? What else do I need to go shopping for … hehe!

All images via Pinterest