When it comes to pampering myself, L'Occitane Petite Spa facials are my favourite treatments. Let me tell you why.

If you're like me, you know that life can get real busy sometimes, and the first thing we tend to forget about is ourselves. We know we deserve a break, a little bit of pampering and some relaxation, but it's the scheduling of said indulgence that just never gets done!

While it may have been my dry winter skin that actually pushed me to schedule myself some pampering (does anyone else have this problem in Winter?!), booking myself a few Winter facial treatments at L'Occitane's Petit Spa was the best idea I've had in a long time.



L'Occitane has been one of my favourite skincare brands for as long as I can remember.

There's a L'Occitane hand cream sitting on my desk as I type this, one in my handbag for on-the-go and also one in my car for those traffic light stops. I use a L'Occitane lavender spray on my pillow every night before I go to sleep and heck, I even squealed with excitement when I spied a L'Occitane store at a Rome train station so I could pick up some products while on my European vacation. Yep, low-key obsessed!

When it comes to choosing where to get a facial treatment, I'm super fussy. I always like to have used the products before as a kind of, 'vetting process' (hehe), so knowing L'Occitane products are a dream on my skin meant choosing the L'Occitane Petit Spa for any skin treatments was a no brainer. And rightfully so, as my skin has thanked me ever since my last few facials.




The whole experience at the Petit Spa is centred around transporting you back to where it all began, Provence in France (a place I certainly wish I was right now!). The whole experience from start to finish is all about luxury, tranquility and quality; from start to finish you are treated to a premium spa experience and know that all the products going onto your skin are of the highest quality. You know you're in a peaceful place when you nearly fall asleep during your treatment, right?!

I've had a number of facials at the Petit Spa but my most recent was my favourite - a facial using the products from the 'Immortelle' range - products that are all organic, natural, and used in combination with traditional therapies. While this was my favourite as it gave my skin an amazing boost of hydration and some anti-ageing lovin' (remember when I unveiled my age on my blog ... eep!), every treatment I've had at the Petit Spa has left my skin feeling refreshed, my body relaxed, and also importantly, my mind soothed. Rightly so from a brand with such a rich history of indulgence and naturally beautiful products.




I've treated myself to a few L'Occitane facials recently, each combining different products depending on the needs of my skin. I normally have normal-to-dry skin but in Winter my skin dries out ridiculously and laps up products like it thinks I'm going to starve it for months, haha! My most recent visit to the L'Occitane Petit Spa, where my skin has been quite dry, had me indulging in a treatment using the Immortelle Range - a range of L'Occitane's patented rich anti-ageing products. In this range, the products I felt did the most wonders to my skin (both during the facial and at home use) include the Imortelle Divine Cream, Divine Extract Serum, Divine Eyes and Immortelle Essential Water. The best part is that each facial treatment is tailored to the needs of your skin, which is so important especially when it comes to any anti-ageing treatments like I decided to go with for my most recent facial.
If you're based in Perth like me, you can find L'Occitane's Petit Spa in Subiaco and for all other locations across Australia you can find your closest spa on the L'Occitane website.



So what is one to do when they love a treatment so much? Take the products home, obviously! I left the Petit Spa with a bag full of the Immortelle products I loved the most from the treatment so that I can replicate some of the experience at home in between visits. The Immortelle range has now become a part of my daily skincare routine and it's feeling the most hydrated it has in a long time. I find my skin is most receptive to skincare when it's consistent, so injecting this range of L'Occitane products into my daily routine (alongside some of my other skincare favourites), combined with regular facial treatments at the Petit Spa, has absolutely hydrated and saved my Winter skin.


Have you used L'Occitane products before, and do you love them as much as I do? 



Post in collaboration with L'Occitane and as always, all thoughts are my own. Super excited to be working with a brand I have loved for years and is a part of my daily routine!