What to wear this Christmas

Christmas Day is hands down my favourite day of the year. I do think that Christmas is unnecessarily commercialised and it has somewhat lost it's true meaning somewhere along the way, but all in all, I get so much enjoyment out of giving presents to my loved ones and gathering all my family together for some quality time and celebrations (and food, but more about that later). I've been lucky enough to spend Christmas on both sides of the world - in the warmer climate I'm accustomed to and also the colder, white Christmas wonderland. I'm still not sure which I like best - the entire Christmas season is definitely done better in the Northern Hemisphere, but there's just something so awesome about laying by the pool with a post-Christmas lunch food coma.


If your Christmas Day celebrations are anything like mine, you're going to want to wear something that is loose fitting and lightweight. Loose fitting because you're planning on eating enough food to feed a small country, and lightweight because the sun will be beaming down on you. What will I be rocking this year? An oversized white sundress from my friends over at Elliatt. Loose fitting for my impending food baby, light weight for the warm day, and white. It's like it was made for Christmas.

Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season and a very happy New Year!


WEARING | Elliatt Aphrodite Dress / I Love Billy shoes / Givenchy Mini Antigona / Celine Sunglasses

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