When it comes to weekend wear I have 3 requirements:

1. It needs to be super comfortable;

2. I need to be able to take it from brunch-to-shopping-to-afternoon-drinks without needing to go home and change in between;

3. It needs to be black (well, maybe not all of the time, but most of the time)

This outfit right here is my definition of the perfect weekend outfit and not only is it the perfect outfit for me, it's the perfect outfit for everyone. Who doesn't want a comfortable (and sexy!) low back LBD, the cutest pompom lace up shoes you ever did see and a badass bandana for that added bit of cool?

The go everywhere, do anything, ultimate summer staple outfit.

PS. Apologies for the hair that looks like it hasn't been brushed circa 2012, I had a fight earlier in the day with a bottle of sea salt spray ... 


WEARING | ASOS Backless Dress / ASOS Lace Up Shoes / Bandana / Proenza Schouler PS11 / Celine Baby Audrey Sunglasses