Learning to love yourself this Valentines Day with CLUSE.

I'm sure we are all guilty of not showing ourselves enough love. Whether it's because we are too busy (guilty), don't see it's importance (guilty) or just don't know how to (guiltiest!), it's easy to forget that loving yourself is just as, if not more important as loving other people. 

As another Valentines Day rolls around (where is this year going?!), everyone talks about how they are going to spend the day with their significant other, but what about dedicating the time and activities to yourself, to show yourself just as much love?

This Valentines Day, I've teamed up with my favourite watch brand, CLUSE, to discover a few ways we can all show ourselves a little bit of loving not just on Valentines Day, but always.



We are all so busy. So busy in fact that most of the time, we are running between work, a favourite hobby or two, family commitments and social engagements, and we completely forget to spend time with ourselves, which is just as much fun and important as the aforementioned. Actually scheduling the specific time for ourselves means that we are more likely to stick to it because the time has been allocated and we know that it fits in with the rest of the day's activities. Besides, you never know how much fun you can have hanging out with yourself until you've given it a try!



Remember that time many years ago you went for a massage? Or the last time you went for a manicure? A facial? I certainly can't! Something as simple as a mini pampering session of your choice can leave you feeling a million bucks, in turn boosting confidence and giving yourself some of that ever important self-love.




Had your eye on a new bag? Want to splurge on a new everyday accessory? Feel like trading in that healthy salad for something a bit more cheeky for dinner? All of the above*?!  There's no better feeling than giving someone a gift for their birthday or 'just because', and it's important to treat yourself once in a while to that same surprise too. This is a little reminder to do it.

*Note: Self control to be exercised here, especially when it involves a bank account, hehe.



We often forget that it is okay to take yourself out somewhere alone. This one in particular I want to work on this year - taking myself to lunch or movie dates, because spending time with yourself is as important as spending time with other people. 



As weird as it sounds, some of the times I've loved myself the most is when I feel accomplished with something! Get started creating that 'Bucket List' of all the things you want to achieve and accomplish by a certain time - and start ticking it off! Whether it's career related, a personal milestone or a step toward getting to somewhere bigger, you're going to love yourself if you're achieving the things you've dreamed of. 


Working full time, growing my blog and also maintaining a (slither of a) social life has definitely impacted on the amount of "me time" I've given myself lately, so this Valentines Day, I'm going to give myself a little bit of loving. After all, it's #TimeToLoveMe. Sorry boyfriend!






Post in Collaboration with CLUSE

Photography by Grace Robinson