Adding a little bit of edginess to an outfit via an accessory is one of my favourite things to do. Whilst my wardrobe can be described as fairly plain (in the sense that it lacks a lot of colour and prints!), I like to make up for it with a few statement accessories that transform an ordinary outfit into something with a bit of a stylish, trendy flare.

The bandana is my favourite accessory of the moment - because who doesn't want to pretend to be a little bit of a badass? The best part - it can be worn in a number of ways: tied flat around the neck as shown in this outfit, reversed around the neck so the tie is at the front, wrapped around the wrist (a personal favourite of mine) or even tied to your bag!

Also, in an attempt at full transparency; I'm pretty sure I rocked a bandana circa 1999 in my teenage years and it certainly wasn't in a cool way like this. Anyone else want to say they did also and make me feel better about my past unstylish ways?

WEARING | Seed Heritage Top . Zara Skirt (similar here) . Zara heels (similar here) . ASOS Bandana

PHOTOGRAPHY | Grace Robinson Photography