Celebrating the friendships that mean the most to me with PANDORA


I consider myself insanely lucky to have a bunch of people in my life who I get to call my best friends. Friendship is different to everyone. Some people like to surround themselves with a large friendship group, and others like to keep a small, closer group around them. I’m the latter, and every day I consider myself so lucky to have found them.

So in celebration of these people in my life, I’ve teamed up with my favourite jewellery brand, PANDORA and their newest friendship collection, to show you how we can represent these friendships through some pieces of gorgeous, timeless jewellery.


All my best friends are a part of my life for their own unique reasons, and I have met them all through different aspects of my life. The girl with an enviable shopping habit who would do anything for you at the drop of a hat, and the girls from Law school who have become sisters to me over our adult lives together. The girl who has been my concert and life partner-in-crime since we were 15, the guy who knows all the right words to say when I need them most and his wife who is literally me, but in another body. The girl from Perth who I met by chance as a roomie in New York, my little sister who is my complete opposite but exactly the same all at once, the "blogger bestie" and the girl on the other side of the world who makes it feel like there’s no distance between us at all. I can package up all these amazing people as my best friends because they are the ones who support, inspire, motivate and love me and that means more to me than anything else. This kind of friendship deserves to be celebrated.

PANDORA’s Forever Friends collection is for all those special moments you share with your best friends. An ode to friendship, with little charms to remind you that these friends are the ones to be cherished as they are the friendships that will last a lifetime. A significant piece of jewellery that you can wear to symbolise the love for the friends you cherish the most.

I remember being young and splitting friendship necklaces with my best friends; the meaning behind the giving and receiving of these pieces of jewellery was not to be understated! PANDORA’s reinvention of the friendship charm is a trendy take on these favourites – the necklaces are stylish and understated, the ‘Friend of My Heart’ charms a perfect addition to the everyday jewellery stack and the fabric cord bracelets something a little different to inject into your jewellery collection.

I’m always looking for an excuse for some new PANDORA jewellery (my ring collection is out of control!) and PANDORA’s celebration of friendship has given me just that!

Now go celebrate your besties!

Post in collaboration with Pandora / Photography by Rohan Benstead

Special shout out to my gorgeous bestie babe Tia for being my model!