You know, those wonderful little moments that we sometimes don't remember to take in.

Phew! The past two months have been a little bit of a whirlwind over here, I don’t think I have been this busy in a long time! The good type of busy, but the kind of busy that doesn’t leave much downtime or chance to reflect on what exactly you’ve been up to, that’s for sure!

Now that it’s calmed down a little bit and I at least have some time to sit on the couch with a candle burning and a good book (it’s the little things!), it’s also got me thinking about what I got up to over the last few months and the things I accomplished both professionally and personally. In busy moments, I never really congratulate myself on the mini-achievements I’m making, or recognise all the wonderful things that go on around me. It may be the stress blinkers (hehe), but I didn’t really take the time to look at the wonderful moments I was experiencing.

Pandora - Teardrop 11.jpg


With the launch of their new campaign ‘Do See The Wonderful’, one of my favourite jewellery brands ever PANDORA are encouraging us to take some time to reflect and to remind ourselves of all the wonderful that is around us. PANDORA’s new campaign is aimed at reminding and encouraging women to see the wonderful in themselves, in each other, and in each moment we experience. Such a beautiful message and most certainly a reminder that has come at the right time for me! I’m sure you can all relate – sometimes we are too busy (guilty!), too selfless or too proud (ahh, also guilty!) to acknowledge and recognise the achievements we make each and every day along our journeys to achieving these bigger pictures that we aim for. Because let’s be real – we’re all pretty wonderful and achieve some amazing things – why do we forget to give ourselves a pat on the back?!

PANDORA’s new collections are differentiated by shape, style and texture, aimed at being personal badges of honour for us to reward ourselves with for all the wonderful we achieve, to remind us to ‘DO’ celebrate. Jewellery that reminds us to celebrate ourselves? Well that sounds pretty good to me!

My three favourite collections from PANDORA’s new ranges are featured in this imagery and I couldn’t get these pieces onto my body fast enough! The 'Radiant Teardrop Collection' holds some personal significance to me in terms of the design (pear shapes are my favourite!), and I just absolutely adore the intriguing shapes it brings to a jewellery collection, not to mention the sparkle! The 'PANDORA Rose' collection is another favourite, because rose gold jewellery is a fantastic way to bring a 'pop' to a classic outfit and also an element of differentiation. Thirdly, the 'Signature Collection' is exactly how it sounds – classic, understated but impactful PANDORA pieces that go with any outfit and have the ability to elegantly take you from day to night.




So here's that reminder: celebrate all the wonderful thing that you do. DO see the wonderful in every day, in every moment, in every achievement. You deserve to celebrate the wonderful (and treat yourself with a badge of PANDORA jewellery honour to represent this)!


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