And I'll definitely be making the most of it!

If you follow me on Instagram, you would well and truly know about my obsession with off-shoulder everything! Now that we are heading into the warmer weather, I can feel this obsession growing, especially as I start to find more and more styles that I desperately need in my wardrobe. I wish I knew how to exhibit some sort of self-control!



My two recent off-shoulder wardrobe additions are these Style Mafia pieces from my trusty fave online store, Shopbop! Everyone seems to think my wardrobe only consists of black (okay, so 95% of it is black), so I thought I would inject something different. And as not to stray too far, I thought some white would do the trick. Hehe!

While both these tops are off the shoulder styles and white, they've got some different qualities (or at least that's what I'm telling myself to make myself feel better!)

The little lace number has the most to-die-for sleeve details, which instantly gives a more "dressy" vibe. I plan on wearing this one with jeans and when it starts to warm up a little bit more, some tailored shorts and skirts! The second is more of a casual style, with a cropped detailing and frill-shoulder detail, something I will be pairing with casual shorts and high waisted denim skirts all summer long!

Injecting these two pieces hasn't stopped me from wanting to add more off shoulder styles to my collection! For the record, I'm firmly eyeing off another Style Mafia off shoulder topthis little MLM flowy number, this Viva Avia top with the coolest sleeves everand this Thayer pinstripe dress. Okay I'll stop now before this gets out of control!


Who loves off shoulder styles as much as I clearly do?! (Make me feel better about my addiction, please!)


Ash x



WEARING (Outfit 1): Style Mafia Ejerz Top, Topshop Jeans (similar here!), Jeffrey Campbell Mules, Camelia Roma Bag (similar here), Celine Baby Audrey Sunglasses

WEARING (Outfit 2): Style Mafia Maeve Top, Camelia Roma Bag (similar here), Topshop Shoes (similar here), Ray Ban Sunglasses