I'm a very lucky girl - for the past month I've had the absolute pleasure of driving around not one, but two brand spankin' new Volvo cars. Thanks to my pals over at Barbagallo Perth, I've been able to add this gorgeous, stylish, fashionable Volvo XC60 to my daily life. A beautiful car to  make me look extra cool? That's pretty much a blogger's dream!

An amazing car meant going for a long drives, all the time. A few weeks ago, we took this guy up and down and back around again, incorporating breakfast, lunch and dinner destinations as well as pit stops along the way to check out some of Perth's beautiful scenery. This autumn leafy dreamy location couldn't be passed without shooting my outfit - I was pleased when I realised I was wearing some khaki which fit in almost perfectly with the earthy tones of autumn in Australia.  I've also been on the hunt for a square neck silk cami in black (harder to find than you think!!!)  for what seems like forever, and thankfully Zimmermann came out with the goods this season. I think I'll be living in it, so reserve your judgment when you notice it in a lot of my outfits ... hehe.

Now I know absolutely nothing about cars, but I like to think I know a little about  loving luxury (where it features mainly in my dreams ...). When my car turns it's lights on and off for me (what a gentleman!), can lug around my blogger wardrobe in it's enormous trunk,  has heated seats for cold winter mornings, the best reverse camera you've ever used which even tells you where your car is going, beeps at you when you're approaching a red light camera (not that I ever speed mum and dad ...) AND is super stylish, is an absolute winner in my eyes!

It was a sad goodbye to the XC60, but up next is the Volvo V40 in another beautiful Perth location ... with a cool outfit to go with it, of course!

WEARING | Warehouse Duster Coat . Zimmermann Silk Cami . Finders Keepers Shorts . Zimmermann Boots . Alexander Wang Rocco