We all know about the little black dress, but what about the little white dress?

My wardrobe is absolutely brimming with LBD's but the last few months I have seen myself being drawn to the LWD more so than I usually would. While I definitely have worn a lot of white dresses lately, getting my hands on this incredible pleated Mossman dress last week tipped me over the edge. I am OBSESSED with it!

If you're like me and have a penchant for black, let me see if I can convince you that the little white dress is just as good! While some of these might seem pretty obvious, they are certainly things that have made me a little more comfortable to whip out the LWD instead of the LBD this past summer.


1. They match all the same accessories as a LBD

The main reason I've always been so fond of the LBD is because accessorising whatever piece I'm wearing is a breeze! Not only that, but you can be a little bit more adventurous with your accessories - whether that's colour, boldness or even just hardware. Well - the good news is, it's exactly the same when it comes to white. Phew! So much fun to be had with the accessory game in relation to a white dress - what's not to be excited about?!


2. They can be dressed up and down

I used to always think that white dresses were only for the daytime but little did I know that I was missing out all the endless possibilities of a white dress at night, too! I'm a huge fan of any piece that can be worn both during the day and dressed up at night too, so I think white dresses and I are in for the long haul together - particularly this little Mossman number.


3. They are perfect FOR SPRING SUMMER

I'm pretty sure I lived in white dresses just as much as I lived in black this past summer, there's just something about a little white dress that just screams summer to me. Some white dresses I have my eye on for my upcoming Spring Europe trip include this gorgeous lace up dress from MISA and also this stunning Keepsake number!


4. They are a blank canvas

Whether there's some detail in the dress, like the pleating and pearl cuff detail on this one or it's a more simple style, a plain white dress is the perfect blank canvas for you to accessorise, similarly to a black dress. Heck, there's probably a little more room to incorporate some more outlandish accessories with a little white dress!


5. Your Mum will stop complaining ABOUT you wearING black all the time

Or is that just mine? Hehe. In all seriousness though, you're changing it up without changing it up too much, so perfect for stepping out of the all-black comfort zone even just a little bit!


WEARING | Mossman 'Over Exposed' Dress, ASOS shoes, YSL 'Blogger' Bag


Photography by Rohan Benstead