Or just how I internally justify spending a bit more money on certain things!

In light of my recent investment leather jacket purchase (eep!), I’ve been thinking about what other investment pieces I think are essential to any wardrobe. When it comes to spending a chunk of money on something, it’s usually a long thought process for me. Do I really want it that much? What would I be sacrificing in order to make the purchase? Am I going to get a lot of use out of it? This has taught me to only really get the things I really want (and has also prevented some silly purchases!). In addition to this thought process, I’m trying to make more of an effort to stick to getting things I know are going to last me the long haul, instead of always gravitating to more “fast fashion” or seasonal pieces.



I recently made quite a big purchase in the form of an ACNE Studios leather jacket (well, certainly a big purchase for me!). After almost a year of contemplating, falling in love and wishing it was in my wardrobe, I decided that I did indeed really want it so took the plunge! For me, this purchase ended up being a no-brainer – I practically live in leather jackets in Winter and biker style jackets are my ultimate favourite, and the quality of this leather too will mean that it is going to last me forever. Bring on Winter, I hope you guys are ready to see lots of this bad boy, hehe! Another not-as-exepensive-so-i-need-to-sell-my-first-born-child leather jacket is this amazing biker style from Ganni, which I also had my eye on until I YOLO'd and went for the ACNE.



I think one of the key wardrobe pieces for any girl is a black everyday handbag – something that will match every outfit and last through the seasons. For me, this purchase was about a year ago now when I fell in love with the Givenchy Mini Antigona, another purchase I contemplated for a while and eventually took the plunge in getting. Obviously when thinking of an "investment" handbag, you automatically think of Chanel (lusting after this vintage Chanel like you wouldn't believe!), as they only go up in value over time.

When investing in a black everyday handbag, you would be looking for something with a grained style leather for durability, a size to fit everything you would need for a day, and a classic style so you don’t need to get something new after only a season or two of wear. I think some great styles are the Philip Lim Pashli (I'm still using mine after 3 years!) and this Marc Jacobs everyday-style tote.

Remember – the cost-per-wear for a handbag means that if you wanted to, you could definitely justify pumping a little bit more into getting something that will last you forever!



I personally think a pair of black, classic style sunglasses are another essential investment piece in any girl’s wardrobe (think about the cost-per-wear ratio again!). My current go-to pair are definitely my Celine Baby Audrey glasses, as they go with absolutely every outfit, and other similar styles like these black sunglasses from Saint Laurent and Valley Eyewear are styles that will last through the seasons too.



If you’re like me, no outfit is complete without adding the accessories for the day (and I think it’s one of the most fun parts about being a girl!). To this day, my favourite go-to jewellery are the classic pieces I have collected over the years. Things like pearl earrings, a single pearl on a chain necklace, simple studs, thin gold rings (Mejuri are my faves in the business at the moment!), and simple chain bracelets. Don’t get me wrong – I’m also all about statement earrings and necklaces, but there’s definitely a lot more value in investing in the classic jewellery.



Around the time ACNE Studios brought out the iconic ‘Jensen’ boot, I started to appreciate the value in the black ankle boot – a style I certainly find myself wearing almost every day in Winter! While shoes may not last the extremes of the test of time, I still think making an investment in a shoe that you know you will wear consistently for a few seasons makes the cut as an investment! As I mentioned, the ACNE Jensen boot is an all time favourite of mine in both the leather and the suede versions, and I'm also really crushing on the Kendall & Kylie boots along with the buckle detail Frye babies - both of which will probably be entering my wardrobe in the near future as I know I will live in them this Winter!

Do you have any favourite pieces you have invested in or anything that is on your radar?


WEARING | ACNE Studios Leather Jacket / Colony Label Tee (my friend designed this!) / Topshop Jeans / SENSO Boots / Givenchy Mini Antigona / CLUSE Watch



Photography by Rohan Benstead