Spending Summer with the epitome of summer footwear, Havaianas.

Australian summers are my absolute favourite – super hot days, the best beaches in the world and the laid back lifestyle to go with it. It really doesn’t get much better than that!

While Summer might technically be coming to an end, the hot weather is certainly not going anywhere anytime soon, so I'm going to embrace it while it sticks around and continue to wear some of my favourite Summer outfits and do some of my favourite summer things, YAY! This summer, I have been giving the new Havaianas 'Black Classics' collection a spin and have been loving how a brand I've always associated with Summer footwear, has created variations of their classic styles that fit so seamlessly with my outfits. 



After acquiring a baby blue cruiser bike last year (eee!), one of my new favourite things to do on a Summer weekend has quickly become going for a bike ride. There’s nothing better than jumping on a cute bike (wearing a cute outfit of course!) and just going for a long ride. For a weekend bike adventure, I can’t go past a flowy, white off shoulder lace dress, straw hat and my new favourite pair of studded Freedom Havaianas – the studded detail is such a fun twist on a the classic Havaianas style we have all come to know and love! The Freedom’s give the lace dress a little more edge, which is something I look for in all my footwear choices. And we all love a bit of stud detail, don’t we!



Brunch is hands down my favourite part of my weekend, and I like to incorporate at least one cute brunch date into my week, every week! When choosing my outfit for a weekend brunch date comfort is absolute key. To me, this means a cute off shoulder top or dress, a pair of denim shorts and definitely comfortable shoes. The Flash Urban Havaianas, with their looped strap detail, are a slightly dressier variation of the Classic Havaianas making it a perfect option for going to brunch, a back yard BBQ or a shopping trip where you want comfort but something with a little bit of style, too. As a side note, the comfort level is 12/10 in these bad boys!



You can’t have an Australian summer without regular trips to the beach! When I was living in New York a few years ago, the thing I missed the most about home was the beautiful beaches (you ain’t got nothin’ on our beaches, concrete jungle!). For a beach trip, ease and comfort is key – I’m always opting for the one-piece swimsuit, a pair of denim shorts, and my Slim Basic Havaianas. Super easy to slip on, slip off, carry around and leave in your car for the next beach adventure. These ‘thongs’ as we like to call them in Australia, have been a wardrobe staple for me for not even kidding, the last 20 years and they are going to be around forever. I can’t live without them!


I’ve been a Havaianas wearer forever. I can remember my first pair, the Classic style, and how they quickly became an essential for almost every summer weekend beach trip, errand run and vacation! Flash forward years and years, and Havaianas are still doing the rounds in my shoe collection – a sentiment that I’m sure is shared by many. 


WEARING | Havaianas Freedom / Havaianas Flash Urban / Havaianas Slim Classic


Photography by Grace Robinson

Post in collaboration with my Summer footwear faves, Havaianas