I have a lot of hair (see below).

Having thick hair and a lot of it used to be a curse. When I was younger and hair straighteners weren't a thing, I hated my hair with a burning passion. Un-styled it was a frizzy, wavy mess and when a shorter length, I could often be mistaken for a mushroom. I wish I was kidding.

Over the years though and especially in my newfound old age, I consider myself so lucky to have a thick mop of hair on my head. As I get asked almost daily what my hair care secrets are, I thought I would put together a post about some of my favourite hair products! There's links to each product too in case your haircare catalogue needs a little bit of updating with some products I swear by.

1. Make sure you are enlisting a killer hairdresser to work on your locks. Going to the hairdresser should not be an ordeal and the person you are trusting to colour, treat and cut your hair should be someone who is extremely good at what they do and knows what is best for your hair. Once you've found said killer hairdresser, never let them go!

2. Never underestimate the power of your shampoo and conditioner. There's so much to choose from these days, but my current favourites are the Toni & Guy shampoo / conditioner set for Brunette hair. 

3. In addition to a normal conditioner, I always like to add some extra hydration into my hair, especially my ends as I start to introduce some lighter colours. The Evo 'Great Hydrator' is an absolute gem of a product and I never leave it out of my hair care routine , as is the Olaplex take home treatment which I try to leave in my hair pre-wash as long as possible for the greatest effect and for the silkiest hair ever. 

4. As my hair is quite thick, it takes that little bit of extra effort to get dead straight hair. The Evo 'Easy Tiger' straightening balm helps me get straighter hair without using heat tools over and over again on the same pieces of hair. I also make good use of the Toni & Guy Heat Protector Spray throughout the straightening or curling process for protection against the heat from my styling products.

5. I always finish off each look with a serum for that glossy shine and silky smooth touch. I have been using Moroccon Oil to achieve this for years now but now I prefer this Argan Serum from Argan 5 as it is not as heavy and oily on my hair. 

6. I've recently converted to a Cloud Nine hair straightener after seeing my hairdresser use it on my hair and achieve incredible results, and I don't think I will ever go back to using a GHD. Everything is so much easier and results better. I have the wide iron because I have so much hair so it makes the straightening process that little bit quicker, and I find that it creates beautiful, loose waves as well. When I want to create curls and waves in a short amount of time, I have my trusty ConAir curling wand which is easy and quick to use (and extremely cost effective if you're looking for your first curling wand). 

So there you have it - some of my favourite hair care products that help me achieve great things with my generous mop of hair. Do you have any hair products you swear by? I would love to know anything else you recommend!

Hair by Harper Hair Subiaco

Hair by Harper Hair Subiaco


See, I told you I have a lot of hair.

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