Love at first sight is real!

Ganni Edit_9.jpg

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with a brand. I’m talking those brands that resonate with you on a different level - their pieces fit your style to perfection, you want to immediately buy their entire collection, and the love just continues to grow the more you see from their designs.

For me, this recently happened with the brand Ganni. While I’m not sure how long they’ve actually been around for, they seem to have popped up as a bit of an ‘it’ brand of late and subsequently have landed in the closets of a lot of people (myself included!). One thing I particularly love about this brand is the price point. Usually when you come across a brand with not only on-point styles and designs but a little bit of a cult following, you expect an exxy price point. Not for these guys - WIN!

As soon as I set my sights on this Ganni dress I knew it had to be in my wardrobe. STAT! So much so that it was originally sold out in my size, and, knowing that it was going to be too big, ordered it in a size up anyway. Low and behold it resembled a tent on me (hehe) - but luckily my size came back in stock and a quick Net-A-Porter exchange process later, the correct size was on my body and it was love at first sight. It also comes in a top version too which I might just need to get to pair with denim skirts for summer (yep - I’m that obsessed with the style!)

Ever pictured yourself as a dress? No? Well I have, and it looks a little bit like this one.

Ganni Edit_7.jpg
Ganni Edit_13.jpg
Ganni Edit_3.jpg
Ganni Edit_21.jpg

Have you tried anything from Ganni yet? I’m so keen to hear if you’re loving them as much as I am! I’ve included some of my other favourite pieces from their latest collection that I’m swooning over too, including this gorgeous monochrome silk midi-skirt and this cool-gal t-shirt. My gal-pal Jenelle has these amazing bow shoes which I’m pretty sure will just need to enter my closet in the black colourway soon, too.

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