Playing around with your more "dressy" wardrobe items in an attempt to make them look more casual is probably some of the most fun you can have when it comes to creating outfits. I'm becoming all about multi-wear and versatility as I head towards forcing myself to have a more curated wardrobe, rather than just a lot of random pieces.

This Blessed Are The Meek top came in a set with a pair of white flare pants and while an incredible combination that I adore (coming to the blog soon, I promise!), it is definitely a dressier outfit rather than something I would choose to wear on a regular basis. Don't even get me started on the perfect cuff sleeved on this top either, swooooon.

Cue my favourite pair of basic black shorts and a new pair of kicks, and I've taken what is a dressier top and made it a part of an everyday weekend outfit - more of something I feel relaxed in and I know will be repeated again and again ... and again. Don't judge me.

How do you like to dress down a dressier piece? Hit me with inspiration!

WEARING | Blessed Are The Meek top / Adidas Superstar Sneakers / Givenchy Mini Antigona / ASOS bandana