One of my all time favourite combinations with Missguided.


For as long as I can remember, I've loved the simplicity of throwing on a t-shirt and denim. Not only is it an easy outfit to put together, but there's just something so effortlessly cool about wearing it (and being able to pull it off, which I'm hoping I can!). Give me an outfit that is easy and looks good any day of the week and that's the one I'll be reaching for consistently!

While it can be quite hard to nail that perfect ripped tee and flattering denim, when you find the ones, you just know. In this case, Missguided has brought me not only my new favourite ripped t-shirt, but also the coolest denim skirt in my collection and I am obsessed!

From the super plunging neckline, to the choker detail and the pops of red and blue on the motif, this Missguided t-shirt is what all t-shirt dreams are made of (and yes, t-shirt dreams are a thing but that's a story for another time, hehe). It's also the perfect oversized fit without looking like I stole my boyfriends' t-shirt. When it came to the bottom half of this outfit, I couldn't go past the panelling and eyelet details of this Missguided denim skirtswoon! Not only are eyelets one of my favourite trends at the moment, but I loved how it added another dimension to what could be a more simpler denim piece. Together, I'm loving how this formed an effortless combo but with maximum effect provided by the details. 


WEARING | Missguided T-shirt / Missguided Denim Skirt / Everlane Oxfords / YSL 'Blogger Bag'


Post in collaboration with Missguided