A beautiful location with a magnificent view is one of the greatest escapes for the mind, body and soul. And if you can find it in your own backyard, figuratively speaking, then there's no other option than to take advantage of it. 

I've been big time craving an adventure lately, but work commitments and future planning (hehe) means I can't run away to an exotic location - just yet, anyway. As somewhat of a compromise to satisfy my adventure needs and also to maintain some form of clarity  (or is that sanity?), I've decided to make more of an effort to take some time out and escape to Perth's beautiful locations.  Sometimes you can take where you come from for granted and it isn't until you look around do you realise that there are beautiful, hidden locations  all around you. This little spot is only about half an hour from the hustle and bustle of the city and was more than perfect as an escape. Endless trees, mountains and lakes - for someone who isn't exactly "one with nature", I felt like I was in a little slice of heaven.

Now over to my friends at  Volvo - after quite literally prying the keys to the XC60 out of my hands a few weeks ago, they were kind enough to let me walk away with the keys to it's sportier little brother, the Volvo V40. The perfect companion for a mini road trip and enough power to get me up and down some mountainous roads. I would like to thank Volvo for not only lending me some insanely awesome cars for a month, but for completely changing my standards when it comes to motor vehicles. For someone who is currently in the market for a car, this is dangerous.  Thanks to you, Volvo, my requirements for a car have now stepped up to reverse cameras, seat warmers, mirrors that flip inwards when you lock the car (yeah, that happens) and  ENGINE POWER (who am I?!). 

WEARING | Zara T . rag & bone Jeans . Awoke Vintage Leather Jacket . Mollini Shoes . Lyla & Bo Hat