Straight from the mouth of a skincare obsessed gal!

I’ve always been obsessed with looking after my skin, but in the last few years I have been actively researching some extra ways I can be looking after my skin beyond my usual skincare regime. There are some that I absolutely swear by now, so I thought I would share. They aren’t all product related either, so lets chat!


This is something I have recently made sure I keep up with in my daily routine and I can definitely vouch that it has made a big difference to my skin! I used to be a terrible water drinker - a combination of not enjoying the taste and just simply forgetting to drink it throughout the day. While I rarely have any crazy skin breakouts, making an effort over the last 6 months has definitely improved the glow of my skin and has made it feel a thousand times more hydrated than usual - two improvements I definitely want to keep going!

If you’re like me and don’t particularly like water and are looking for some tricks to add more water to your day, I highly recommend getting a giant reusable bottle that you can have next to you and just refill (I use bottles like this one that track what you drink by the hour so you have targets to make!). Also, another thing I have found has helped is getting myself into the routine of starting every day with a big glass of lemon water. It tastes so much better and becomes part of your natural daily routine, and is also a good metabolism kick-start while also increasing your water intake. Win!


Guys, silk pillow cases are an absolute GAME CHANGER. They have so many benefits for our skin while we sleep, including being anti-aging, anti-skin creasing, and also good for protecting your hair. Basically a beauty product!

I’ve been using silk pillow cases for the last few years, but when we first moved to Boston we bought some cotton pillow cases to tide us over for the first few nights in our new apartment while we were waiting for our new silk pillowcases to arrive. I could tell a negative difference in my skin after sleeping on cotton pillowcases for ONE night. ONE NIGHT! Not only did it make my skin feel awful when I woke up, but it also make my hair feel gross for the next day. You know something is good when you can’t live without them, right, so I will never sleep on a cotton pillowcase again!

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skincare tips


I don’t talk about beauty enough on my blog, which I am definitely going to change, but I am very much a skincare junkie! When I was a teenager my Mum always taught me about the importance of a skincare regime and since then, its always been something I’ve focused on. As I’ve got older, it’s definitely been something I’ve become more focused on, and in turn, obsessed about!

One of my favourite steps in my skincare regime is exfoliating, and I’ve recently discovered what I now consider to be one of my ride or die favourites, the Alpha H Liquid Gold. This product’s reputation preceded itself - basically I had heard about how much of a miracle product this was waaaay before I finally added it into my routine and, everyone was right. Liquid Gold is INSANE. It’s literally dubbed as a ‘facial while you sleep’ - meaning you apply in the evening and it works to exfoliate your face while you sleep - which also means that it’s my favourite type of product (haha!). I use it every second evening, and sometimes only apply this product and skip the moisturiser step, as this increases the potency of its effect. It’s done so much for the quality and brightness of my skin the last fews months I have been adding it to my routine, so I am screaming about this Alpha H product from the rooftops! I mean, there has to be a reason they’ve called in Liquid Gold right!?


This is probably something people have been doing for donkeys years but it’s recently something I read up on and was quick smart to add to my routine. I mean, I’ve 100% been washing my face properly all this time, but I feel like a double cleanse really makes sure all that make up and pollution is off your face at the end of the day. I’ve been loving balm cleansers lately, particularly this one from Clinique and also this one from Eve Lom, which I’ve been using as my initial cleanser. After that, I have been loving the Alpha H Balancing Cleanser, which leaves my skin feeling soft ahead of the rest of my skincare process.

Skincare Tips
Skincare Tips


Rolling my face with a quartz roller is probably my favourite step in my skincare regime - both day and night! The benefits of rolling your skin are that it reduces puffiness, works to tighten your skin which in turn assists in anti-aging and with fine lines, improves blood circulation and also helps your skin products to soak into your skin more. Phew! I usually keep my roller in the fridge so that it also has a cooling effect on my face, which I think works to make me look more alive in the mornings too!

Let me know if you have any other tips or tricks you swear by, I’d love to know!

XOXO Your favourite neighbourhood skincare junkie.