Let's get to know each other!

Some of my favourite blog posts to read are those that get a little bit more personal and I learn something about the person behind the words. So, with that in mind, I thought it would be fun to list a few random facts about me! Here goes nothing!


1. I am currently based in Perth, Australia where I was born and have spent the majority of my life. When I was younger, my family and I lived in Melbourne, Australia for a few years, and I've also lived in the USA - I did a 6-month college exchange in Indiana and a few years ago I lived in New York for 2 years.

2. I work full time in the FinTech (financial technology) industry at a Startup and I love it. Blogging is my hobby-turned-second-job and I love it too!

3. I am secretly a bit of a nerd and have 2 University degrees - a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Commerce (with a double major in Marketing and PR)

4. My idea of the perfect evening is a movie on the couch with a glass of wine and a cheese platter. 

5. I have a (not so little anymore) sister who is 3 years younger and the opposite of me, hehe. She's my best bud.

6. My sweet tooth is out of control - donuts, chocolate, candy, cake are my favourite food groups! I also really love cheese. Like really love!

7. I am obsessed with movies about or set in space! When I was younger I desperately wanted to work at NASA.

8. My favourite colour is, and always will be, black. Shocker, I know. ;)

9. I'm half Indian - my Dad was born and grew up in India and my Mum in Australia, so while I'm pretty pale most of the time I can get super tanned when I can be bothered getting some sun!

10. Following on from the above, Indian is my favourite cuisine ever. Followed closely by Mexican and Thai.

11. I have ridiculous OCD when it comes to even numbers, everything (literally everything!) has to be done in a pair, or set of 4. Odd numbers freak me out!

12. Hearing or seeing people brush their teeth is my version of nails down a chalkboard and gives me shivers down my body! Even seeing it on a TV show or movie - eek.

13. I used to play the violin professionally when I was younger and through high school, but gave it up to focus on my studies. I miss it!

14. I am insanely unfit and have probably stepped foot in a gym about 4 times in my entire life! Trying to change that now though ... maybe ...

15. My favourite cities in the world are New York, Paris and Singapore. So far!

16. I'm 5 foot 8 and have a size 36 / 37 foot, prompting people to always make jokes about how on earth do I stay balanced!

17. I used to be a mega "emo/ pop punk kid" when I was younger and it's still my favourite genre of music! Or whatever it's called these days.

18. My biggest phobias are clowns and butterflies.

19. I'm left handed.

20. Dresses and black ankle boots are probably my favourite outfit combination of all time. 

21. I have no tattoos and the only piercings I have are 3 in my ears. I used to have a piercing on my wrist but that's a story for another day, haha.

22. I deal with pretty bad anxiety on a daily basis and I'm still trying to navigate that one.

23. I used to win colouring competitions all the time when I was younger. Hell yeah!

24. I never had pets growing up and I'm still yet to get myself one! My boyfriend is desperate for a british bulldog though so stay tuned ;)

25. Summer is my favourite season and Winter is my most hated! As I'm sure you can imagine, living through a couple of New York Winter's was a blast ...!


This was fun! Hope you enjoyed learning a few random things about me, now I want to know a random thing about you!


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Photography by Rohan Benstead